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Brennan, 57 


I was very happy with Guys American Kitchen and Bar. They are the only restaurant which really appeals to my taste buds. As a vegan, it is hard to find restaurants which cater to my diet, but at this restaurant, they make adjustments. They even make some gluten-free snacks which I totally love. I am used to some bland vegan dishes, but they add some magic here. Now I can enjoy more flavorful dishes. They have really good cooks here.  


Anya, 32 


It was hard to be overweight. Been struggling since college and for that long, I also endured being called fat and obese whenever we have family gatherings. It hurts but then again, I know that it is true. I’m a very busy person so even if I want to do some food prep to jumpstart a good diet, it is not possible. I’m working several jobs so sometimes the only thing to do is to rush in my favorite fast food joint to satisfy my hungry stomach. This contributed to my continued “overweight” state. Good thing my friend referred Guys American Kitchen and Bar to me. Since then, food is not anymore a problem. I can already eat healthy without the prep interfering with my everyday schedule. I also lost 14 kilos already after they planned my meals for me. All I need to do is to pay them every start of the week and everything is delivered on time. This is good for the whole week already.