Guys American Kitchen and Bar is a product of hard work of Graciela Grimaldi and Jaucian Gimenez. They are also the couple who is behind several franchises of Food for the Gods restaurant chain which serves also healthy and delicious food in Italy.  


Born in Seville, Spain, both have Spanish ancestry. They live just several blocks away from each other in their hometown but it is ironic that they only managed to meet several years after when both are already in college. They were both born on the same day with 6 years interval between them. But due to the circumstances, they consider being together a destiny bound to happen. 


Another thing common between Graciela and Jaucian is their passion for food. Every time they meet, all their meetings are composed of exchanging recipes and cooking something new for each other. It is not often that they come into restaurants during their courting period preferring their own cooking. As such, it did not any more come as a surprise when they decided to build their own restaurant.  


Guys American Kitchen and Bar is only one of their numerous restaurant chains in and out of United States. But one thing they are consistent about is that all of the food chains they own only cater to high-quality and nutritious food. They do not settle for less. This is one of their goals in building their first restaurant in the first place. Now, Guys American Kitchen and Bar has already become one of the most popular in the state of Arizona.  


Haven’t gone there yet? Then you should plan on coming soon. The food they serve there is simply superb. When you come to their place, expect only to get your money’s worth.  


PS Come every first Friday of the month to get discounts and promos.